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Monday, August 21 2017 @ 01:30 AM CDT

What\'s going on behind the scenes

General NewsDespite the apparent lack of events, things have been moving along .. at least with PPF. There have been several fixes and a couple of plugin updates. There are some more plugins in development ...
... and some even in test use already, such as Tell (leave a message for a user), Log (log channel events - can then be used to generate stats with tools such as pisg), WebChat (blocked by firewall, work restrictions, no IRC access from some locations? Then access the bot and chat from a web interface), BF Match (report live action from BattleField 1942 and mods, eg: DesertCombat, to IRC).

Plus some minor fixes/additions to the PPF core, such as being able to set the encoding type used (WebChat and Log need these) which will result in a 0.5 PPF Core release at some point too.

Also, there might be some control script contributed for mIRC users to use to manage and use the bot with.

Stay tuned! Drop by #deaded on for a chat, feel free to idle as well, ask questions and make suggestions! :)

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