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Monday, August 21 2017 @ 01:25 AM CDT
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QueriEd 2.5 Released

QueriEdQueriEd 2.5 has been released. Changes are:
  • added support for NEX (Nexuiz) (thanks mcrandello)
  • added COD2 (Call of Duty 2) info - uses COD query
  • added MOH (Medal of Honor) info - uses UT query
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QueriEd 2.4 Released

QueriEdQueriEd 2.4 has been released. Changes are:
  • added support for AA (Americas Army)
  • fixed HL player query
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BF2 IRC Bot v0.1 beta

A beta of the BF2 IRC Bot is available over at
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BF2 IRC Bot almost ready

Looking for a BF2 IRC Bot?

One based on the popular PPF system is under construction over at

I think we can expect a beta release by the weekend!
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QueriEd 2.3 Released

QueriEdQueriEd 2.3 has been released. Changes are:
  • BF2 player query receives multiple packets now
  • UT2003 and UT2004 support fixed plus code UTK3 and UTK4 added (thanks xkr47)
  • added getSupportedGame() method that returns a HashMap of the game codes and names of the games supported
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QueriEd 2.2 Released

QueriEdQueriEd 2.2 has been released. Changes are:
  • Halflife Source (HL2) added
  • Battlefield 2 (BF2) support added
  • Never Winter Nights (NWN) server query added (player query not available)
  • Halflife original (HL) query updated
  • A couple of minor bugs fixed
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Beta Software

General NewsI have been creating beta packages of some of my software, such as MatchEd, PPF, QueriEd and RconEd for user testing.

The availablilty of these betas is announced via irc (#deaded on when something is ready for testing - so people there get a heads up and the chance to play with and influence the next release.

If you don't mind playing with software under test, then take a look at some possible betas at and try them at your own risk :P (also very rarely any supporting documentation)

For example, there is a new QueriEd beta that supports the new Source query protocol, and an improved MatchEd beta that has better auto setup and CS:S support, and some new features.
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RconEd 2.0 Released

RconEdRconEd 2.0 has now been with released with improvements in the Rcon support and new Source Rcon support has been added.

All of this thanks to a fantastic user contribution by PiTaGoRaS
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General News

Lots of things going on at the moment ... there is activity in the RconEd, QueriEd, and PPF projects.

RconEd is being updated with some user contributed fixes and Source capabilities. This will also be used in an updated MatchEd.

QueriEd is getting Source support and is going through testing as well - thanks once again to some great user input.

PPF has taken on a new developer and is undergoing some real nice improvements and feature additions ... expect some major updates and new plugins for the next version :D

This site may get restructured a little to reflect different areas (eg: Bots, Libs, Mobile, Quality) and at the same time, become the homepage for the open source projects. As usual, comments are more than welcome and dropping by the IRC channel and saying hello is encouraged :)

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Forums for

General NewsI have started some forums up to help answer some common questions about the PircBot Java IRC API Bot Framework usage and provide examples. The hope is that any PircBot user with questions, some useful hints, or just wanting to show what they are doing with PircBot will contribute to these forums. There is also a forum for any other queries / information if it isn't PircBot related.

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