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Monday, August 21 2017 @ 01:28 AM CDT
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IRC Hacks

General NewsAnyone interested in IRC, from newbies to pro IRCers, should take a look at a new book from the O'Reilly Hack series called IRC Hacks
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What\'s going on ... ?

General News

So what's happened to this site? Where have the downloads gone? Where are the forums, the FAQ, the docs?

It was time for a change. I'm moving the opensource projects to be managed and hosted at SourceForge. This means RconEd, QueriEd, and PPF.

MatchEd (HL+mods match reporting bot) will remain here, as will 2 other projects which haven't been released yet ... AnnouncEd (pcw/war announcer bot), and something that I currently call LeagueAssistant (helps run a single division 1v1 or clan league by creating the dynamic content, which cuts down a huge amount of admin work and keeps the site up-to-date).

For now, I have to learn how to use this GeekLog system, create a theme for it, add some forums, FAQ system, and downloads section. At the same time, I shall be creating the homepage for PPF on the sourceforge pages and providing a download of the latest version from there.

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