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Monday, August 21 2017 @ 01:15 AM CDT
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PPF 0.6 Released

PPFPPF 0.6 release - complete package with core and plugins.
Another all-in-one release to get some of the latest changes out. Some minor improvements to the core, a few bugs fixes and updates in some plugins and a few new plugins.

New plugins: AutoOp, GeeklogSearch, Introduction, InviteBot, Jaiku, LDAPQuery, One, PieSpy, Pug, ServerAdminManager

Updated plugins: Advertiser, CBFinder, ComicBot, FeedReader, JMegaHalAI, Log, Roulette, ServerAdminHelper, ServerAdminHelperHL2, ServerAuth, ServerQuery, Tell, TinyUrl
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Pug plugin updated

PPFPug plugin has been updated to 1.3 and dropped into the Beta Software area.
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PPF with OSGi

PPFThere seems to be a bit more of a buzz around OSGi recently so I thought I would post the quick version of PPF that I "OSGI-fied" last year to draw some interest, not only for the other plugin developers, but also for myself ... call it kicking myself up the bum ;) Anyway, it's been sitting in the betas section on this site for for a while, note there is a tutorial available and feel free to drop by #deaded on anytime as well.
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PPF 0.5 Released

PPFPPF 0.5 release - complete package with core and plugins.

There have been a whole load of changes since the previous version (and way too much time gone as well). So here is a release of everything so far - check over the docs and see what is available. Updates to config files will have to be made manually (both core and plugin configs).
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PPF Plugin Release: ServerAuth 1.1

PPFReleased ServerAuth v1.1 for PPF which has an added config setting to allow bot to auth on connect or not and added private command to trigger the auth
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PPF Plugin Release: ComicBot 1.1

PPFReleased ComicBot v1.1 for PPF which has a bug fix to make directory names case insensitive and also now includes the data directory that actually contains the comic strips :P
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PPF Config GUI Flash Demo

PPFOn the PPF homepage, you can now find a flash demo of how to use the PPF Config GUI. There will be more demos in the future ... but please feel free to make requests about what you would find useful to have as a visual demo.
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PPF 0.4 Windows Installers

PPFThere are now some windows installers for PPF available from the PPF downloads page, thanks Cadoc :D
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PPF 0.4 Released

PPFPPF 0.4 has finally been released! This version has been in use by many people for a while now and many bugs have been ironed out, but what makes this version so special, apart from the fact that there are loads of plugns bundled with it, is that it has user and developer documentation with it! There has been a lot of work gone into this one by a few people. Hope you enjoy it :)

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