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Monday, August 21 2017 @ 01:20 AM CDT
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QueriEd 2.6 Released

QueriEdQueriEd 2.6 has been released. Changes are:
  • added support for WSW (Warsow) (thanks mcrandello)
  • fixed BF2 server query
  • added Q4 (Quake 4) support (mcrandello)
  • added COD4 query type for convenience (already supported as it is the same as COD2 query)
  • added getFullResponse() to ServerInfo to return the actual results from the details query. This can then be parsed as wanted.
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QueriEd 2.5 Released

QueriEdQueriEd 2.5 has been released. Changes are:
  • added support for NEX (Nexuiz) (thanks mcrandello)
  • added COD2 (Call of Duty 2) info - uses COD query
  • added MOH (Medal of Honor) info - uses UT query
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QueriEd 2.4 Released

QueriEdQueriEd 2.4 has been released. Changes are:
  • added support for AA (Americas Army)
  • fixed HL player query
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QueriEd 2.3 Released

QueriEdQueriEd 2.3 has been released. Changes are:
  • BF2 player query receives multiple packets now
  • UT2003 and UT2004 support fixed plus code UTK3 and UTK4 added (thanks xkr47)
  • added getSupportedGame() method that returns a HashMap of the game codes and names of the games supported
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QueriEd 2.2 Released

QueriEdQueriEd 2.2 has been released. Changes are:
  • Halflife Source (HL2) added
  • Battlefield 2 (BF2) support added
  • Never Winter Nights (NWN) server query added (player query not available)
  • Halflife original (HL) query updated
  • A couple of minor bugs fixed
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QueriEd 2.0 Released

QueriEdThis is a full release of a Java library that can do simple queries on certain game servers. Check out the QueriEd menu to the left.

I use this library in the ServerQuery and ServerAdminShouter plugins for PPF, so they will be updated to use this new version of QueriEd soon.

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